Handicap Manager

World Handicap System™ (WHS™)

At the invitation of the TTGA (Trinidad & Tobago),
NSI is providing WHS handicapping services for their member clubs.

If your club is not located in T&T, Handicap Manager includes a customizable
handicap system that gives you control over the local Club Handicaps for your members. Although
Handicap Manager can approximate the new WHS, it intentionally cannot be configured to match it. It
should not be assumed that a Club Handicap would be accepted as equivalent to an official WHS™
Handicap for entry into events outside of your club.

Handicap Manager online renewals do not include the additional fees for clubs in T&T that will be
issuing WHS™ handicaps to their members. Those clubs should contact Northern Systems to confirm pricing.

Welcome to the Handicap Manager web page.
From this page you can :


  • Flexible licensing lets you pay only for the capacity you require.
  • Accommodates up to most recent 1000 rounds per golfer, and up to 2,500 different courses.
  • Handicap management for clubs and stat tracking for individuals.
  • Compute 9 and/or 18 hole handicaps.
  • English and French versions of member level windows
  • Handicap Manager is used by over 350 golf courses around the world to maintain handicaps for thousands of golfers.
  • Enter scores hole by hole or total score.
  • Automatically applies and displays the appropriate stroke limitation if scores are entered hole by hole.
  • For scores entered hole by hole, comprehensive and meaningful statistics available including driving accuracy, fairway stats, greens in regulation, putting stats, scoring stats, etc.
  • Updated handicap information automatically displayed after score entry.
  • For no additional cost, upload your data to our eHandicap Network (www.eHandicap.net)
    • query handicap data via the Internet
    • view score cards via the Internet
    • enter scores via the Internet (can be enabled or disabled)
    • an offsite backup of your data for added security
  • Management features can be disabled to secure system for entry of scores by members
  • Members can maintain their own password.
  • Golfer selection by Member Name or Member ID.
  • Print handicap cards, member lists, ringer round reports, blank score cards, score posting sheets, telephone lists, address labels, and more.
  • Preview reports online before printing.
  • Group golfers into up to 10 flights or logical groups.
  • Excellent statistics and graphics. The amount of statistical information available depends on the amount of information each golfer chooses to enter!
  • Tournament scoring using net scores, gross scores or Stableford scoring.
  • Integrates with our Tournament Manager for more comprehensive tournament management.
  • Most reports can be saved in HTML (Internet) format for easy emailing or inclusion on your web site
  • Backup and recovery facility to ensure your data is protected.
  • Includes complimentary support and the right to download and apply all 2022 updates.

Handicap Manager (non WHS™) 2022 Pricing

Pay only for the capacity you require!

Member Capacity Online Orders
within Canada
By CAD Check
within Canada
Online Orders
outside Canada
By USD Check or
wire transfer*
4 Members CAD 19.99 CAD 29.99 USD 19.99 USD 29.99
12 Members CAD 24.99 CAD 34.99 USD 24.99 USD 34.99
25 Members CAD 34.95 CAD 44.95 USD 34.95 USD 44.95
50 Members CAD 69.95 CAD 79.95 USD 69.95 USD 79.95
75 Members CAD 109.95 CAD 119.95 USD 109.95 USD 119.95
100 Members CAD 149.95 CAD 159.95 USD 149.95 USD 159.95
200 Members CAD 229.95 CAD 239.95 USD 229.95 USD 239.95
300 Members CAD 309.95 CAD 319.95 USD 309.95 USD 319.95
400 Members CAD 389.95 CAD 399.95 USD 389.95 USD 399.95
500 Members CAD 469.95 CAD 479.95 USD 469.95 USD 479.95
650 Members CAD 524.95 CAD 534.95 USD 524.95 USD 534.95
800 Members CAD 579.95 CAD 589.95 USD 579.95 USD 589.95
1000 Members CAD 634.95 CAD 644.95 USD 634.95 USD 644.95
1500 Members CAD 689.95 CAD 699.95 USD 689.95 USD 699.95
2500 Members CAD 744.95 CAD 754.95 USD 744.95 USD 754.95

For online orders, receipts and activation codes are provided by our 24/7 automated order processing system.  NSI uses PayPal for secure processing of all credit card transactions but it is not necessary to have a PayPal account to use our online ordering system.  The cost to increase the capacity of a system during the year is $25.00 plus the difference between the cost of the current system capacity and the new system capacity. *For wire transfers, additional costs apply. Canadian customers will be charged GST or HST as applicable at checkout.

To allow us to provide the level of support which our customers deserve, Handicap Manager systems must be re-licensed and updated at the start of each calendar year.  In most cases the cost per member is less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Hardware / Software Requirements

Handicap Manager for Windows is supported on Windows 7 thru Windows 11.  It operates well using the minimum Microsoft recommended hardware configuration. The term Windows 7 is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

The terms Handicap Manager, eHandicap Network, Tournament Manager, and eTournament Network are trademarks of Northern Systems Inc.

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