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Tournament Manager Features

  • Simplifies the process of tournament setup and operation.
  • Can be licensed to support just the capacity you required (8, 24, 52, 100, or over 100 (max 800) golfers)
  • Includes support for the most popular formats including :
    • Gross Scores
    • Net Scores
    • Callaway Handicaps (Customizable)
    • Callaway 9 Hole
    • Callaway Executive
    • Callaway Scramble
    • Net Scores with 1 Callaway Division
    • Scramble (2,3,4, or 5 person)
    • Best Ball(s) Gross (selectable # golfers per team and # of balls to be used per team)
    • Best Ball(s) Net (selectable # golfers per team and # of balls to be used per team)
    • Best 1-2-3 Balls - Gross
    • Best 1-2-3 Balls - Net
    • Best Holes - Gross
    • Best Holes - Net
    • Peoria, Modified Peoria, Double Peoria
    • Scheid Handicaps
    • Stableford (Net Par)
    • Stableford (Net Bogie)
    • Stableford (Custom)
    • Stableford Team (Custom) with selectable # of balls
    • Ambrose
    • System 36
  • Selectable percentage of handicaps for Net Score and Stableford tournaments
  • Prints "dotted" scorecards for each foursome. (Dots on score card indicate handicap strokes)
  • Computes Skins Game results with option to include names of golfers involved in halves
  • Re-organize foursomes by handicap or random order
  • Import golfers directly from the database of our Handicap Manager.
  • Import golfers directly from the database of some of our competitor's golf handicapping products.
  • Reports are opened directly in your Internet browser making it easy to save or distribute them
  • optional scrolling of results for display on TV screen
  • Tournament results can be uploaded to and viewed from eTournament Network (
  • Tee Sheets can be exported to MS Excel and imported back from MS Excel to allow entry of golfers via an offsite computer
  • Score Data can be exported to MS Excel
  • Ability to track golfers requiring power carts
  • Golfers can be designated as disqualified without having to be removed from system
  • Optional automatic flighting based on scores submitted
  • Best Holes format allows for configurable # of best holes and max scores
  • Includes a license to operate the software until the end of 2022 as well as support and the right to download and apply all 2022 updates.

2022 Tournament Manager Pricing Information

Software Edition Online Orders
within Canada
By CAD Check
within Canada
Online Orders
outside Canada
By USD Check or
wire transfer*
8 Golfer Edition CAD 29.95 CAD 39.95 USD 29.95 USD 39.95
24 Golfer Edition CAD 39.95 CAD 49.95 USD 39.95 USD 49.95
52 Golfer Edition CAD 79.95 CAD 89.95 USD 79.95 USD 89.95
76 Golfer Edition CAD 119.95 CAD 129.95 USD 119.95 USD 129.95
100 Golfer Edition CAD 199.95 CAD 209.95 USD 199.95 USD 209.95
Over 100 Golfer Edition CAD 249.95 CAD 259.95 USD 249.95 USD 259.95

For online orders, receipts and activation codes are provided by our 24/7 automated order processing system.  NSI uses PayPal for secure processing of all credit card transactions but it is not necessary to have a PayPal account to use our online ordering system.  The cost to increase the capacity of a system during the year is $10.00 plus the difference between the cost of the current system capacity and the new system capacity. *For wire transfers, additional costs apply. Canadian customers will be charged GST or HST as applicable at checkout.

In order for us to be able to provide the level of support expected and deserved by our customers, Tournament Manager systems must be re-licensed and updated at the start of each calendar year.

Hardware / Software Requirements

Tournament Manager for Windows is supported on Windows 7 thru Windows 11.  It operates well using the minimum Microsoft recommended hardware configuration.
The term Windows 7 is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

The terms Handicap Manager, eHandicap Network, Tournament Manager, and eTournament Network are trademarks of Northern Systems Inc.

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