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Handicap Management

Handicap Manager
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Handicap management for clubs and stat tracking for leagues and individuals.  At the invitation of the TTGA (Trinidad & Tobago), NSI is providing WHS handicapping services for their member clubs. If your club is not in T&T, Handicap Manager includes a fully customizable handicap system that gives you control over the "Club Handicaps" for your members.  It is important to note that although Handicap Manager can be configured to approximate the WHS system, its customizable handicap system cannot be configured to match it.  It should not be expected that the “Club” handicaps it produces would be accepted for play outside the club. Handicap Manager is a cost effective tool that can help you to manage the handicaps for your members.  License to support the capacity you presently require and upgrade as your club grows.  Suitable for member entry or back office operation.  Enter scores with as little or as much detail as you wish.  For no additional cost, upload to our eHandicap Network ( from which your members can access their handicap data and view scores cards over the Internet.  (Optionally members can be allowed to enter scores over the Internet as well.)  Exchange information directly with our Tournament Manager for comprehensive tournament management.

NSI eHandicap Network™
"Allowing access to handicaps via the Internet!"

The eHandicap Network allows golf clubs, golf leagues, and individuals to upload their Handicap Manager data to the web where it can be accessed by their members. Optionally members can be allowed to enter scores over the Internet as well.  If you would like to see a demo of the eHandicap Network click here.  If your club or league is using Handicap Manager to maintain handicaps but they have not yet joined our eHandicap Network let them know that they can join our eHandicap Network by completing the online request form at

Tournament Management

Tournament Manager
"Helping you enjoy the tournament too!"
Tournament Manager is designed for use by individuals, corporations, golf clubs, golf associations, or anyone who operates golf tournaments.
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Clubs which also use our software to maintain handicaps for their members can import golfers directly out of the handicap database.  (It can also import member data from some of our competitor's handicap systems)   In addition to accommodating tournaments scored by Gross Score, Net Score, 2 or 4 man best ball using gross or net scores, and Scrambles, Tournament Manager employs numerous single round handicap systems including a customizable Callaway, Callaway 9, System 36, Modified Peoria, and Stableford.  Prints 'dotted' scorecards per foursome. Produce Skins Game results for any tournament using gross or net scores.  License to support 8, 24, 52, 100 or over 100 Golfers. Each of the systems are identical with the exception of the capacity supported.

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